Knock Out
21 December 2037 @ 10:10 pm

J.O.F.Y. 8-9-2

"Of all answering machines in the world, you had to call mine..."
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Knock Out
22 March 2032 @ 05:19 am

Fandom: Transformers Prime

Character: Knock Out

Player: [personal profile] lylith_st [personal profile] lylith_st 


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Knock Out
27 October 2023 @ 07:04 pm
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Knock Out
Original color of the glyph: Violet - Aligned to Solus Prime

-February - 2013: The violet of the Glyph is slightly more vivid.

-May - 2013: The violet of your Glyph is a bit more vivid, and there is a green outline around it.

-June - 2013: Your Glyph has increased in size by about a third. In addition, there is an outline of green around it.


During the next week or so after his glyph changed Knock Out was more aware of his glyph, more energetic, feeling young and fit and lacking in any old pains or bruises.

From then on, Knock Ou's body seemed to know itself far better: how to repair itself beyond any normal, innate functioning and how to be more efficient. Any injuries he receives only take half as long to heal as they used to. Food or fuel seems to provide a bit more energy than before, keeping him energized up to a third longer. He can out-last and out-heal any other normal member of your species, especially in any sort of dire situation.

-August 18 2013: The violet of the Glyph is a bit more vivid. In addition, there is a strong green outline around it.


From now on, Knock Out's able to make lightning-fast calculations, regardless of his ability to do so in the past.  This enhancement applies to the world around him. He would know when two trains leaving from Boston and New York will meet without thinking about it, but more importantly he can know what sort of trajectory that bullet needs to take in a 5 mph crosswind in order to hit its target.  Knock Out  will certainly have an edge both in the laboratory and on the battlefield.

-October 18 2013: The violet of the Glyph is a bit more vivid. In addition, there is a strong green outline around it.

-February 2014: The violet of the glyph is a bit more vivid.

-May 8 2014: A violet glown appeared around the Glyph.

Knock Out awareness has increased when it comes to physical materials and resources. Gold and pyrite are immediately discernible at a touch; he simply knows that supposedly rare mithril blade has a cheap aluminum core.... A handshake is all you need to know that your friend's robotic plating just needs a hint more platinum to achieve that healthy shine. Is suddenly a bit easier to forage in the junkyard when he's looking for something specific. Hunting for aluminum? He'll find your way unerringly to a nearby cache of old toasters. Keep wandering, and he'll know when you're within a few dozen yards of what you seek.

In addition, whenever he works on a project, be it anything from fixing a flat tire on his bike, tuning up his fusion cannon, or laying out the plans for the new Haven Multihighway System, he'll find the materials under your hands just seem to work with you. The new tire on the bike slides on effortlessly, and now that annoying wobble in the rim is gone as well. The fusion cannon's efficiency is suddenly up 3%, parts gliding like clockwork, suspiciously free of the old grit and dried energon from his slain foes.

Item drops

-The Resonance Blaster
-A box of unrefined Synthetic Energon

A present from Solus: The device blocks out unpleasant heat and extreme cold. Harmful solar radiation - and other forms of more extreme radiation - are also blotted out, even as breathable air still somehow passes through the field.

Rain, acid or otherwise, runs off the shell, but going through water quickly begins to feel like wading through a sauna - air would soon become a problem as well, as there is no air to filter in. The water pressure, however, is no longer a problem.

Barricade's present:

Compiled files related to cross-timestream upgrades and all on-board weapon blueprints from Bayverse (plus a few extras; helloooooo Minicon-powered weapons!), a pair of data uplink cables (and all associated how-to-attach information and related protocols) with specific instructions to attach them to Skids if he wants them